Of the Koran in the Gospel

"Christ died for our sins, according to Writings, he was buried, he was resuscitated the third day." 1 Corinthians 15:3,4

"Jesus can save completely those who approach God by him." Hebrew 7:25

      "As a child, I played under date palms at the edge of the Nile. Later, I studied the Koran and I became a good Muslim. Five times a day I asked, prostrated on the ground in the direction of Mecca, and I respected Ramadan.

      I studied in Germany. There, I heard about Jesus. For me, he was only a prophet. I got acquainted with a Christian with whom I liked discussing, convinced that I would convert him to the Islam.

      - What do you make of your sins? He asked me.

      "- I pray and they will be forgiven me.

      - But, then, God is not just. On what base can he close eyes?

      I knew how to only answer. The Muslims make a pilgrimage in Mecca once in their life. They run seven times around Pierre Noire and they believe that they are freed from their sins. I did not really believe it.

      I bought a New Testament and I read it. What a message different from the one that I had received! Message of love, but also justice. God both loved the men and he gave his Only son. Yes, "the Son of God loved me and was engaged himself for me" (Galates 2:20). My sins were erased, but at what prize? The death of Jesus on the cross. All the founders of religion are sinners. Jesus is the Son of God. He died to pay for the sins of all those who believe in him, and I am now of those ".

      You can get yourselves a New Testament with very low cost at the publisher.

      The good seed

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