On the border of the Tibet

On the border of the Tibet

"Jesus spoke and said: I rent you, o Father, Lord of the sky and the earth, because you hid these things to the wise men and to the intelligent, and because you revealed them to the grandchildren. Yes, Father, because it is that you saw fit in front of you." Matthieu 11:25,26

      Bill and Jenny Morris, a couple of young American missionaries, had chosen a field of particularly difficult work in which little dared to venture, on the border of the Tibet. The population was plunged into the idolization; it seemed that the Christian message could never reach him.

      Let us listen to Bill telling their experience: "during seven years, we announced the Gospel without seeing any result of our work. We had studied a lot to learn the language and tried everything to prove to these people that we like them, but they have never showed us the slightest confidence. Seventh year, nevertheless, there was something: the birth of our first child, a girl.

      When our small Grace began to drag itself on all fours, people of the village observed it and smiled. And when she learnt to speak, she expressed herself so easily in their language as the sons of the soil. One day, we discovered that she repeated to her boyfriends the verses of the Bible and the singings which we taught him.

      It was as a miracle. While we had almost lost the hope to see hearts opening to God's love, a brilliant testimony went out of the mouth of our girl. God had used this child to produce the first conversion. Now, eight young Christians read the Gospel together and get ready to announce it around them."

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