Only, irreplaceable

"Be not afraid, because I acquired(bought back) you; I called you by your name, you belong to me.“ " Ésaïe 43:1

"What is the man among you who, if he(it) has 100 ewes and lost one, does not leave 99 with the desert to go after the one who is lost, until he(it) found her(it)? When he(it) found her(it), he(it) puts her(it) on the shoulders, quite merry.“ " Luc 15:4,5

      This evening, Pauline says of an air worried to her mother:

      " Mom, Lord Jésus died on the cross to save those who believe in him. But there are so many people who believed as me, who I wonder if he really loved me, me ."

      The mom answers the girl: " Pauline, you have a brother and a sister. Do you believe that we like you three times less that if you were our only daughter?

      - No, of course!

      - You are right. We love you as our girl, the number of your brothers and sisters changes it nothing. You are our Pauline and, even if we have other children, you are unique, irreplaceable for us. When we share a cake, the more we are many, the more the part of each is small. But we do not share love of the Lord as we share a cake. His love is divine, infinite. The believers are very many, it's true, but each is not less liked for all that. Lord Jésus loved you, you. He wanted to have with you he in the sky. But for it, it was necessary to remove your sins. On the cross, he was punished on your place, for your sins. And now you belong to him, his Pauline, unique, irreplaceable … You are his ewe, he is your Shepherd (Psalm 23:1). If the Shepherd loses an ewe, even if he has 99 there, he fetches his ewe. This ewe is unique, irreplaceable for him.

      Our Rescuer likes each of his personally, and every believer has the right to say self-assuredly, as the apostle Paul: "the Son of God loved me and was engaged himself for me" (Galates 2:20)

      The good seed

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