Only today

Only today

"Today the safety came for this house." Luc 19:9

"Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart." Psalm 95:7,8

      My life is only a moment, the temporary one hour,

      My life is only a single day which escapes me and which avoids.

      You know it, o my God! To love you on the earth

      I have only today.

      Today, it is the word of the grace. "Come down fast, because I have to live in your house today", said Jesus Zachée, who received him with enjoyment (Luc 19:5, 6). This invitation of Jesus to know him and to have a relation with him still addresses each. Today he wants to get in touch with us, to show himself as the Rescuer, the one who saves us from the evil and frees us from any guilt. And if I am religious, today it is the time when Jesus wants "as supper with me" (apocalypse 3:20), that is make me feel the enjoyment of its presence. It is so today that Jesus has something tell me. Only he knows my heart, and when he requests me it is the moment to listen to its voice, to let into me penetrate by its message and to obey him cheerfully by serving him. "My child, is going to work in my vineyard today" (Matthieu 21:28).

      Today the Rescuer passes;

      Do not matter on tomorrow.

      Today it is day of grace:

      Look, he holds out to you the hand.

      Time flies, the hour flies away,

      Open your heart to Jesus,

      Obey his word;

      Hurry, do not delay any more!

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