Outside wealth and internal wealth

"Certainly the man walks among what has only the appearance; certainly he stirs in vain; he amasses the properties, and he knows who will collect them." Psalm 39:6

"such fact the rich and has absolutely nothing; and such makes poor and has the big properties." Proverbs 13:7

      Try to appear, to show itself at his/her best, is not the sign of a big internal wealth. Numerous people, their lasting life, are obsessed by the other people's opinion on themselves, and our company sometimes encourages such behavior. Indeed, by signs of wealth, or by beautiful language, each tries to present an advantageous facade. But the Bible declares: "the Eternal does not look what the man looks, because the man looks at the outside appearance, and the Eternal looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

      On the other hand we have no difficulty identifying the one who makes poor (the second verse at the head of the leaf). It is Jesus Christ. Son of God, it is personified, agreeing to be the poor man in the middle of the poor people. Let us listen to the Bible speaking about him, even before he did not come on the earth: "he is despised and abandoned by the men, the man of pains, and known what is the slowness, and as somebody from whom we hide his face; he is despised, and we had for him no respect" (Ésaie 53:3). Nevertheless his voluntary poverty questions each: "he lived in the poverty, so that by his poverty you are enriched" (2 Corinthians 8:9).

      His death on the cross enriched all those who accept him as their Rescuer. They have from now on the eternal life, that God gives to them, and the hope to be a day with their Rescuer in the sky to share his glory.

      The good seed

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