"The patience produces the experience, and the experience the hope." Romain 5:4

"You need patience, so that, having made God's will, you received what is promised. Because still very few time, "and the one who comes will come, and he will not delay "." Hebrew 10:36,37

      All the gardeners know that weed always seem to grow faster than the good ones. With patience, it is necessary to weed, to remove the useless shoots, to cut, to obtain finally results. The impatience prevents from appreciating the charms of a garden. Having sowed, it is necessary to know how to wait to take advantage for flowers or for a good harvest of fruits and vegetables.

      Very often, our pride makes us incapable to support the situations or the people who are as an obstacle on our path. We would want that things go to the sense which we had planned, and fast! We do not take time to wait that these obstacles disappear.

      And I, did I learn the patience?

      What patience? That of the faith who leaves to God the time to act. When I trust him, he intervenes and often grants an outcome better than all those whom I would have been able to obtain by my only ways. On the contrary, a hasty reaction can generate conflicts, and produce painful effects for myself and for the others. It is through the patience that, in the difficult situations, I shall make God's will.

      Thus while putting my confidence in the Lord, with a "patient spirit", whom I shall learn to support the tests. The biggest lessons of the life of the Christian are often learnt in the difficult days. The Bible declares happy "those who endure the test with patience" (Jacques 5:11). Am I also conscious of the patience of God, my Father, to me?

      The good seed

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