"Happy the one who reads and those who listen to the words of the prediction and who keep the things which are written there, because the time is close!" Apocalypse 1:3

"[Jesus] explained them, in all the Writings, the things which concern him." Luc 24:27

      The current state of the world, so economic as moral, urges each to ask itself questions: where do we go? How is all this going to finish?

      Only God knows the future. In a vision, the apostle Jean received this call: "rise here, and I shall show you the things which have to arrive after these" (Apocalypse 4:1). Certain predictions were already achieved. We can notice that they came true exactly, for example those whom the prophet Ésaïe announced 700 years in advance about the coming of Jesus on the earth:

      - His birth and its name: "well, the virgin will conceive and it will give birth to a son, and will call its name Emmanuel" (Ésaïe 7:14).

      - His sacrifice and its results: "he was hurt for our transgressions, it was bruised that for our injustices; the punishment which gives us the peace was on him, and by his bruises we let us be cured" (Ésaïe 53:5).

      David evokes the crucifixion of the Lord: "they drilled my hands and my feet"; and the shout which he pushed on the cross: "my God! My God! Why did you abandon me?" (Psalm 22:1).

      Other prophets indicated the place of its birth (Michée 5:2), and announced his resurrection (Psalm 16:10,11).

      There are predictions which will come true only later: a place near Jesus for those who will have believed in him (Jean 14:3); but also the eternal judgment for those who will not have accepted the grace of God (Apocalypse 20:15).

      Let us apply to read and to listen to the Word of God!

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