"(God said:) there will not be a deluge anymore to destroy the earth … I shall put my bow in the thick cloud, and it will be for sign of alliance between me and the earth … And the bow will be in the thick cloud, and I shall see him to remember me of the perpetual alliance between God and every human being. " Genesis 9:11-16

      Who was not seized by the beauty of a rainbow in a sky of thunderstorm? Always the men, amazed by this show without being able to explain it, lent to the multicolored bow any sorts of meanings. We know today that it is about a phenomenon at the same time optical and meteorological. He occurs when a ray of sunshine crosses a curtain of very fine rain. Drops of water then act as prism, they decompose the light in its various colors.

      It is in the Bible that we find the meaning of the rainbow. He appears after the deluge by which God had destroyed the human, violent and corrupt race. Only Noé and his, as well as a couple of every animal species, sheltered in the arc, survived. After that, God wanted to show his grace to his creature. And so he promises to Noé not to destroy any more all the human beings by waters of a deluge. The bow in the sky will be a concrete reminder of this promise for very God and for the man. The loyalty of God towards his promises, it is the wonderful message which still frees the rainbow. In all those who believe in Him, God promises protection, safety, safety, strength, and his presence by their side. As well as the colors of a rainbow are

      The good seed

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