Rest a little

"The apostles gather(collect) with Jesus; they told him(her) all that they had made and all that they had taught. Then he tells them: yourselves, come aside in a deserted place and rest a little." Marc 6:30,31

      Jesus sent his followers to announce the Word of God and to cure the sick (Marc 3:13-15). They returned enthusiasts. Their first experience of service was positive. And nevertheless, while there is a big crowd of which it would again be necessary to take care, Jesus calls them to release everything to follow him in the desert. These men(people) did not maybe understand the order of their Teacher, but they obeyed him.

      This demand of Jesus can surprise us, but it teaches us not to be allowed absorb by an overflowing activity, even if we work for the Lord. "The bow the rope of which we never release(relax) will not delay breaking", said Jean Chrysostome.

      "Come aside", tells them Jesus. The call to be his(her) followers is before any an invitation for its communion, to look for what pleases him, in its presence. It is so easy to let the requirements of the Christian service suffocate these moments of closeness with him! We cannot work for him without, above all, "to be with him".

      "Rest a little." A Christian wrote: "it is the natural rhythm of the Christian life. This one is indeed made by constant round trips between God's presence and that of the people. The Christian life alternates the meetings with God in the secret place and the service of the man on the village square", but always under its look.

      The good seed

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