"Return, says the Eternal; I shall not make press on you an irritated face, because I am good … Only, recognize your injustice … Return, unfaithful sons; I shall cure your infidelities - here we are, we come to you, because you are the Eternal, our God." Jérémie 3:12,13,22

      I have just broken the Lord? I went away from him? A fault presses on my consciousness? This God's pressing call addresses me: "return".

      To return is the only solution, whatever is the gravity of the fault which loads me. Return to God, in other words recognize in front of him my errors, judge the origin it. Find God in the prayer, by the patient reading of its Word, maybe by means of Christians whom I trust.

      We tend to think that love of Jesus depends on our love for him; and we are afraid of returning to him when we dishonored him. We imagine ourselves that God is irritated against us and that we have to redeem ourselves by our to regret or by works. It is an error. God loves us, whatever we made. He can be saddened by our conduct, but never irritated.

      For what does he(it) expect from us when we committed a fault? That we recognize her by understanding that Christ has already suffered so that we are forgiven. We can return to him immediately, with humility and confidence. He always waits for us. The more we shall remain distant from him for a long time, the more our return towards him will be difficult. Why? Because, if we stay in this state, our consciousness dulls and our heart hardens. The purpose of Satan, the enemy, is to make us pass thoughtlessly on our faults, and preventing us from finding happy relations with God.

      Love of our Father does not change. Her Grace is without limit for the one who returns towards him.

      The good seed

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