Safe to be saved

Safe to be saved

"All this, I wrote it to you so that you know that you have the eternal life, you who believe in the name of the Son of God." 1 Jean 5:13

      The English clergyman Charles Stanley belonged to York, in the middle of a crowd of people who waited to see parading for the funeral of an ecclesiastical personality. But soon the rain obliged them to look for a shelter in a big shed.

      Stanley jumps at the opportunity for opening his Bible. He read this: "happy the deaths who die in the Lord" (apocalypse 14:13). Then he explained that nobody can be called happy simply because he is a member of such or such church, and as the only condition, at the same time necessary and sufficient, is to belong to Lord Jésus.

      These words produced a faintness, but then Stanley explained what meant: be in the Lord and die in the Lord. He insisted on the fact that only the faith allows somebody to receive the safety offered by God, and afterward, to die in peace while waiting for the resurrection of the body.

      One of the listeners asked: "if I understood well, already during our life we can know that we are saved and that we possess the eternal life?"

      Stanley answered by quoting numerous texts of the Bible showing that God gives to his children the certainty absolved from their safety, already on the earth. We do not hope to have the eternal life, we know that we already possess her. Our body can die, but our alive relation with God is established without return and for all eternity.

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