Serve God faithfully

Serve God faithfully

"The one who is faithful in what is very small is faithful also in what is big." Luc 16:10

"And you, you would look for you of big things? Do not look for them." Jérémie 45:5

      For a long time, Julie is interested in missionaries' narratives left far off, full of faith and dedication. One evening, she makes a big decision: "Lord, I too dedicate you my life. Show me for what you expect from me.". And, full of emotion, she waits. What big mission is the Lord going to confide him? But, in the great disappointment, there is nothing. The life continues.

      Julie has a demanding and little pleasant neighbor, who asks him frequently for small services, without ever thanking her! And in the work, it is the stress, Julie frets from morning till night.

      Another evening, the tired eyes stop on the expression: "believer in what is very small". And she realizes suddenly that God is putting to the test her. He wants that she shows her faith, her love and her dedication, at first today, in little gifts. This is the way he prepares her for bigger things, tomorrow.

      Love which leads to devote itself for an unpleasant neighbor is not he also precious for God as the one who motivates a servant on a field missionary? And the faith which confides to God the small daily concerns is not she the same nature that the one who helps a missionary far off to surmount the difficulties peacefully?

      Christians, let us learn to show to God our faith and our love in the little gifts of the everyday life. Maybe he will confide us later a bigger mission.

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