Shall we find a man?

"Run here and there by streets and look in his places if you find a man, if there is somebody who makes what is right."Jérémie 5:1

"We were all wandering as ewes, we turned each to the own path, and the Eternal brought down on him the injustice of us all."Ésaïe 53:6

      Diogène of Sinope, Greek philosopher (413-327 BC), said by walking in the open of Athens, with a lamp lit in broad daylight: " I look for a man ", that is a man worthy of the name; or still: " I look for the Man, and I see only men ".

      Approximately two centuries previously, the prophet Jérémie had said the similar words. But it was not the philosopher who looked for a wise person. It was a God himself who looked for an upright man, the only one, in Jerusalem, to be able to forgive all the city. Jérémie looks at first among simple people, and he has to notice that they do not know what is just for God (v. 4). Then he goes towards the big, but they do not agree to obey God (v. 5). So all sin in the same way.

      In all the humanity, did God find this just man? Yes, this man came: it is a Jesus Christ. Those who knew him showed that it was a just man - those who liked him, as those who rejected him. Same Pilate, who pronounced his death sentence, had to recognize: " I, I do not find crime in him ". By presenting him to the crowd having condemned him, he declared: " here is the man! " (Jean 19:6,5). Jesus was the archetypal Man, the only just man, the Son of God become a man.

      Why did God need a just man to forgive the others? Because only a man without sin, having no judgment to be undergone for himself, could support the punishment of their sin, in the face of his perfect justice. Here is the heart of the Gospel, and also the mystery of God's love.

      The good seed

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