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"They turn and waddle as a drunk man, and all their wisdom came to nothingness." Psalm 107:27

"If foundations are destroyed, that will make the just man?" Psalm 11:3

"God is my rock, I shall confide in him." 2 Samuel 22:3

      " Wherever we look, the black clouds accumulate on the horizon of all the continents. The global economy vacillates everywhere ", wrote a journalist.

      Le Monde goes badly, it's true. And the crisis does not limit itself to the economy. The moral values disappear because we lost - or we refuse - the marks which established(constituted) the foundation of our company. We advocate a progressive century by promulgating laws which ruin the bases of the family. We confuse the consciousness and the intelligence, we replace the truth by the subjectivity. We speak about a world governance from which God is excluded. God tells us in the Bible that he will put an end to this assumption by judgments.

      But even if the earth vacillates, God's throne in heavens is unwavering (Psalm 11:4). God remains the solid foundation on which the believers can lean. Today, he still tells all those who look of the help: "return to me" (Malachie 3:7). "Whoever hears these words which I say - declares Jesus - and puts into practice them, I shall compare him(it) to a careful man who built his house on the rock" (Matthieu 7:24). Storms will beat down on the world, but nothing can shake the one who bases his life on God. He tells each: "today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts" (Hebrew 3:15). The real Christians are going to be kidnapped. "I soon come", says Jesus. "I shall keep you an hour of the test which is going to come on the quite whole inhabited earth" (apocalypse 22:20; 3:10). Then it will be too late to turn to him.

      The good seed

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