Success and happiness


"(Jesus Christ said:) I leave you the peace; I give you my peace; I do not give you, me, as the world gives." Jean 14:27

"God's peace surpasses any intelligence."" Philippiens 4:7

      High-level sports future is the dream of many young people, rarely dreams realized. And when he is him, he does not still bring the expected happiness.

      Alistair Taylor, " bodyboarder " (water sport), shows: " I participated in competitions during 5 or 6 years in a row and I had a lot of success. We expected to see me world champion of this speciality. I had many reasons for being happy but I was not him. As I felt no more motivation and let my life waste away, Kelvin, a Christian, led me to give my life to Lord Jésus Christ. I was 18 years old at this moment, and I always lived with God today. I found a new peace and I feel filled as only a real believer can understand him. The relation which I have now with Jesus is something that I could exchange for nothing else. The faith is a path in which we do not stop increasing. When you realize that God checks not only your life but all the universe, that he likes you more that all that you can imagine you do not have more than to leave aside your concerns, your fears, your doubts about the future. It exceeds you, but God is not exceeded(overtaken)! Then you can understand what speaks the Bible: God's peace which exceeds(overtakes) all that we can understand, keeps our hearts and our thoughts united with the Christ Jesus.

      Yes, we have the certainty that God takes care of everything, and quite specially we."

      The good seed


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