That mean believing?

That mean believing?

"If, of your mouth, you recognize Jesus as Lord, and if you believe in your heart that God resuscitated him of the deaths, you will be saved." Romain 10:9

      For you, what a Christian?

      Somebody who thinks of holding the truth and tries to impose him to you? Either somebody whose daily attitude reflects the sweetness, the kindness, the justice, like Jesus Christ?

      The Christian faith is not the membership in dogmae or in theories, but the act of confidence in God who loves the man and who showed him by giving his Only son to save lost beings (Jean 3:16). God made his love known, his grace and his forgiveness, by the coming of Jesus Christ on the earth, his death and his resurrection. To believe, it is to recognize that this gift of God is for me, sinner misled far from God, and to accept Jesus for my Rescuer.

      The faith, it is not to know and to recite formulae or prayers, but to receive from God the reality of what they express. It is to recognize who is a Jesus, as the follower Pierre: " you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." (Matthieu 16:16).

      Said Jesus: "well, I am held in the door and I strike: if somebody hears my voice and what he opens the door, I shall enter at his home and I shall have supper with him, and him with me." (apocalypse 3:20). To believe, it is to open the door. Jesus makes the rest in our heart. The Bible tells us: "the one who believes in the Son (of God) has the eternal life" (Jean 3:36). The Christian thus knows that he has the eternal life, and he begins to live her from now on.

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