The arrow which could not reach him any more

The arrow which could not reach him any more

"Make no mistake: neither fornicators, nor worship, nor adulteries nor thieves, nor grasping, nor drunkards will inherit from the kingdom of God. And some of you, you were such; but you were washed, sanctified, justified in the name of Lord Jésus, and by the Spirit of our God." 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

      Robert had had a loose youth; but, converted to Jesus Christ, he had become a diligent clergyman of the Gospel. This evening, while he entered the room where he had to preach, somebody slid him in the hand a paper on which he read this: "you are a hypocrite. Here is of what to refresh you the memory. Remember this yourself and it … Will you Have the courage this evening to raise you in this room to spread the good word?"

      The blow was rough. Robert went up on the stage, opened his Bible and read: "the Christ Jesus came in the world to save the sinners, whose first one I am" (1 Timothée 1:15). He had a break and so began: "my friends, when I entered this room, a message were put back to me. The author, who knows me, reminds me my scandalous conduct of formerly. I have three things to be told you:

      - The first one, it is because he is perfectly right; and I recognize with shame and sorrow the erring ways of my youth.

      - The second, it is because everything is forgiven, because if we confess our sins, God is a believer and a just man to forgive us, because of the work carried out by Jesus in the cross.

      - The third, it is because if God can forgive to somebody so guilty that I, there is nobody who is a too big sinner not to obtain, too, this divine forgiveness …"

      The Bible tells us: "and you, when you had died in your faults, he animated you together with him; he forgave us all our faults" (Colossiens 2:13).

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