The Bible and the discriminations

"There is no consideration of people in front of God."Romain 2:11

"If you make distinctions between the people, you commit a sin."Jacques 2:9

"Owe nothing to anybody, otherwise to love you each other."Romain 13:8

      She tells us not only to accept everybody, she tells us to love everybody! Because love, according to the Bible, is a command of Lord Jésus. Then I really have to love everybody?

      Even my neighbor? "Love thy neighbor as thyself" (Marc 12:31).

      My difficult spouse? " Husbands, your wife, as also the Christ love loved the assembly ". " That the old women educate the young women to love her husband " (Éphésiens 5:25; Tite 2:4).

      My enemies? " Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you " (Matthieu 5:44).

      The foreigners? " God likes the foreigner(foreign countries) to give him the bread and the garment. And you will like the foreigner " (Deuteronomy 10:18,19).

      Really everybody? It is in any case what God made: he liked the whole world, nevertheless in rebellion against him. He so much loved us that he gave for us his Only son (Jean 3:16). Doubtless Christ died for our sins, what nobody could make. But God asks us to love as him! Until leave our life for our brothers (1 Jean 3:16). Here is love without limit of God that the believers are called to show. The source of this love is not in them but in Christ who gave himself for them. Let us follow his tracks and let us not wait that " the other one " begins, let us make the first step!

      The good seed

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