The Bible, the world heritage

"The grass is dried out, the flower is faded, but the word of our God lives in always." Ésaïe 40:8

"(Jesus Christ said:) the sky and the earth will pass, but my words will not pass." Marc 13:31

      Today some consider the Bible as an old-fashioned book. However others recognize in her an exceptional book. In February, 2010, in Paris, an exhibition- "The Bible, the world heritage" - was organized by the French Biblical Alliance. Why to give to the Bible this qualifier? The heritage is "the inheritance of the past of which we take advantage today and which we pass on in the generations to come". The Bible fills these criteria. Many archaeological discoveries give evidence of the authenticity of historic facts quoted in the Bible. On the artistic plan, it was a source of inspiration for numerous painters, sculptors, writers, musicians.

      But the expression "world heritage" evokes for many the admiration of the work of those who built him. Yet the Bible has a moral authority which is imperative upon any consciousness of man, even if he opposes it. And if she has this authority, it is that it is not the result of the work of the men. It is the Word of God. She answers the essential questions: who am I? Where from I come? Where I go?

      What place do we give to the reading of this unique Book?

      "Any Writing is inspired by God, and useful to teach, to convince, to correct, to educate in the justice" (2 Timothée 3:16).

      The good seed

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