The biggest sin

"" You will love the Lord your God of all your heart and with all your soul and all your thought. " It is the big and first command there."Matthieu 22:37,38

      - I would like to leave as missionary, says a young man to the evangelist Torrey.

      - Are you Christian? He asks him.

      - For a long time.

      - But you were again born, as Jesus asked for it Nicodème?

      The young man is very surprised. This question, nevertheless, is fundamental. Torrey understands that he has to go farther.

      - Did you think sometimes that you could be guilty of the biggest sin which a person can commit?

      - Absolutely not, I lived an exemplary life. I am not a murderer!

      Then Torrey takes out its Bible and asks him to read verses quoted at the head of this text. Then he tells him:

      - If to like God of all his heart, with all his/her soul and all his thought is the first one and the biggest command, which has to be the biggest sin?

      - It is to break this command.

      - Did you observe this command? Did you always love God of all your heart, with all your soul and all your energy? Did you give him the first place in your life to all the plans?

      - I am very far from it. I am thus guilty …

      His(Her,Its) consciousness wakes up. He answers thoughtfully:

      - I committed the biggest sin. And today I am aware of it for the first time.

      The good seed

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