The Christian fight (1): his weapons

"Strengthen in the Lord and in the power of its strength; put on the God's complete armor, to be able to stand firm against the subtleties of the devil."Éphésiens 6:10,11

      The Christian is in enemy country in the world, because Satan is the prince. He must be ready to face in the "spiritual powers of wickedness" which show themselves in a permanent way in his everyday life.

      Three attitudes to be victorious:

      - 1. Strengthen "in the Lord", knowing that he gained a victory on all the strengths of the evil and that he has the power to keep us. We have "to stand firm" in all that we know how to be good according to God.

      - 2. To dress(take on) "the armor completes of God". Six rooms of this armor are necessary to maintain a good moral state at the believer. They evoke six spiritual qualities: - be based in his thoughts on the biblical truths, - To be just in everyday life, honest and right, - to be in peace with our circle of acquaintances to prepare the announcement of the Gospel, - to have faith in God who is over everything and who likes us, - to know that Jesus saved us and will free us (the helmet), - to know the Word of God to be able to quote her and resist the evil.

      - 3. Be united by the prayer with the Lord, our support in the fight. The prayer, the seventh room of the armor, must be diligently handled: "any sorts of prayers and pleas, any time". We have to pray with discernment, "by the Spirit", by being attentive to the will of the Lord. Finally it is necessary to persevere: "always pray and not grow tired" (Luc 18:1).

      (Continuation next Monday)

      The good seed

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