The Christian fight (2): the perfect model

"Then Jesus tells him: Go away, Satan, because he is written: " you will pay tribute to the Lord your God, and you will serve him only he "." Matthieu 4:10

"It is for this that the Son of God was shown: so that he destroys the works of the devil." 1 Jean 3:8

      When Jesus was on the earth, Satan's power burst out. But the Son of God hunted the devils.

      In his condition of man, Jesus, having fasted forty days, is tempted by the devil in the desert. He does not give in either to his head-on attacks, or to his disguised insinuations. Three times, Satan incites him to break God, but Jesus answers by the Word of God by saying: "he is written". Not only the traps of the devil are then thwarted, but he beats a retreat and withdraws when Jesus tells him with authority: "go away, Satan".

      To reach the sky, it is necessary to be in connection with the one who lives there, to know him personally. And this knowledge is given by the faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. "Nobody knows the Father, if it is not the Son and the one to whom the Son will want to reveal him" (Matthieu 11:27).

      It is an example for us there. He gains a victory on Satan by his obedience in the Word of God. We are amazed in front of the wisdom and the discernment of Jesus to cancel, under all his forms, this power of wickedness. Ourselves, us can be strong only by the power of the Lord, by placing us under his protection. As he, we have to use the Word of God by quoting her conveniently, by the Spirit, in the submission to the Lord. And we can still, in the communion with him, use the authority of the name of Lord Satan runs away in front of him. We are near the winner! The Christian does not thus have to ignore this power of the devil in the world. We could see her in action everywhere, as soon as there is disorder, discouragement, conflict, sin … But these things find their origin simply in the human heart (Marc 7:21-23).

      Because the believer also has another opponent, an internal enemy, and thus an other one fights to lead.

      (Continuation next Monday)

      The good seed

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