The Christian fight (5): an effective shield

"Put on the God's complete armor, to be able to stand firm against the subtleties of the devil: because our fight is against the spiritual powers of wickedness which are in the celestial places." Éphésiens 6:10-12

"Resist the devil, and he will run away far from you." Jacques 4:7

      Among the rooms which establish the complete armor of God, the Christian is invited to take "chiefly the shield of the faith grace in which you can put out all the burning arrows of the Miserable" (Éphésiens 6:16).

      What are these arrows? It is thoughts which Satan makes penetrate into our spirits, to bring us to doubt God and his Word.

      They are "fired", what makes them very dangerous. A quite small fire, if we let him(it) propagate, can cause a big fire. Also, a thought of doubt, if we tolerate her, brings an other one, then an other one, and can lead us to a big confusion. We need thus well the shield of the faith.

      To take this shield, it is to arm itself with the conviction that that said God must be believed without reserve. It is to answer firmly, as Jesus was tempted by Satan: "go away, Satan, because he is written" (Matthieu 4:10). It is to say, as the apostle Paul in the middle of a storm: "I trust God" (acts 27:25).

      Christians, as soon as a thought of doubt appears - about the kindness of God, its wisdom, its justice, his love - let us refuse her with the biggest energy. Let us set to him the irrefutable argument of the faith: "he is written". Let us not try to discuss, or to refute the arguments of Satan by our own wisdom: the opponent measures up, and the assured defeat. In front of arguments of the devil, the shield of the faith is the only effective weapon. It is a proven, safe, infallible weapon. God asserts: "you can put out all the arrows".

      The good seed

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