The doctor waits for you

The doctor waits for you

"They did not know that I cured them. I pulled them with man's ropes, with links of love they refused to return to me." Dared 11:3-5

      I hope that you are healthy, physical and psychic. If it is not the case, I suppose that you do not refuse, of course, the care which can relieve you and cure you. It would be insane!

      As for me, I was seriously sick, of a disease which is called the sin and which leads inevitably to the death of the one who is reached. The sin, it is at first the fact to live without worrying about God, nor about his will, about its kindness. You go to say that it does not concern you, except that every human being is reached by this terrible disease, thus you too.

      God, him, takes care of you, as he took care of me. He cured me, and he wants to cure you also. Do you know how? Him, the big God, the one who created the sky and the earth(ground), the one who knows everything, sees everything, hears everything, this infinite, majestic and sovereign God, approached us. He came on earth specially to cure us of this disease. He made him by sending Jesus Christ, so that he dies on our place. His sacrifice is our only way of safety, without him we can be neither forgiven nor freed.

      This big safety is also offered to you, but still you have to accept him by believing in Jesus Christ. Divine doctor made an indisputable diagnosis, and he waits now that you take the remedy which he proposes you free of charge. Do not refuse him, do not refuse the safety of God, it would be to condemn you to remain definitively lost.

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