The Gospel, God's power for the life

"When the fulfillment of time(weather) came, God sent his Son, arisen from woman, been born under the Law, so that he acquires those who were under the Law, so that we received the adoption."Galates 4:4, 5

      For the followers of the beginning, the message of the Gospel was the realization of the promise for so long expected: God visited his people. This fulfillment was proclaimed first of all by Jean-Baptiste: "the kingdom of God approached: regret and believe in the Gospel" (Marc 1:15). It was the "beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Son of God" (1:1).

      The Gospel is not thus at first an education but the proclamation of an event. God visited his people by sending him his Son, Jesus. So the kingdom of God became present among the men in the person of Jesus and in its service. God came in the history to carry out his plan of delivery, and it is in Jesus Christ that he realized him.

      To enter the kingdom of God, since he(it) came, it is necessary to believe to Lord Jésus, to receive by God's power the new life. Receive the Gospel led to the repentance, that is to recognize its sin and to turn to God. God wants to produce a complete moral change I by maintaining and to give me the new life.

      The Gospel is not either an event of past, it is the proclamation that today still God acts in all those who believe. He(it) frees them from the power of the evil to make them live according to the characters of his kingdom, which is not "to eat and to drink, but justice, peace and enjoyment in the holy Spirit" (Romain 14:17).

      The good seed

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