The Gospel in miniature

The Gospel in miniature

"God both loved the world and it gave his Only son, so that whoever believes in him does not die, but so that it has the eternal life." Jean 3:16

      This is the way Martin Luther indicated this verse (Jean 3:16). We find summarized in a few words the presentation of what there what God made, with the reason and the purpose of his action. Everything is tall in this sentence, because everything is divine: a big God of love who likes all his creatures; a big gift: his Son; a big call: whoever; a big delivery: does not die; a big inheritance: the eternal life.

      The Word of God is alive and she acts. This only sentence was the way of safety of a multitude of people. The word "whoever" was for many the real revelation: whoever, it is you and it is me, nobody is excluded; there is no too guilty sinner to be able to be saved: it is the real grace of God there. Each can him appropriate and say: "the Son of God loved me, and was engaged himself for me" (Galates 2:20). The same work would have been necessary even if I had been the only one to have to be saved.

      Does not this observation affect our heart? Each of us can say: for me Jesus suffered; for me he died; for me he is resuscitated. In his unlimited love and for his own enjoyment, God wants our eternal happiness. To reach this wonderful purpose, he granted to bring down on his beloved Son the punishment which we deserved. Now, whoever believes in him is forgiven, cleansed: he has access to his presence, and it for all eternity.

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