The names of the Christians

The names of the Christians

"It was as well in Antioch as, for the first time, the followers were named Christian." Acts 11:26

"If it is as Christian (that somebody suffers), that he is not ashamed there, but that he glorifies God in this name." 1 Pierre 4:16

      From the beginning of the Church, the believers (those who believed in Jesus Christ) were indicated by various names. The particular meaning of each helps us to understand what today whom is a Christian, and which is its mission on the earth. - the Christians: this name means: of Christ. The first characteristic of the Christian is to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and to believe in its heart that he is resuscitated (Romain 10:9). - the conscripts (Jude 1:1): to have heard the call of the Lord and to have answered is the own of the Christians. - the elected representatives (Tite 1:1): the believers are the ones that God chose according to his preknowledge. What a dignity it confers them! They are thus responsible for honoring the Lord. - the followers (Jean 8:31): to be a follower, it is to listen to and to follow the education of Jesus, as those who followed him when he was on the earth. - the brothers (Acts 9:30): The Lord calls us himself his brothers (Jean 20:17), so all the believers are brothers and sisters. It is the family of the faith, that knows God as the Father. - the friends (3 Jean 15): the Lord also called his his friends (Luc 12:4; Jean 15:15). All the believers know that they are loved by him and they are also connected by a confident and faithful affection. - the saints or sanctified (Acts 9:13): the believers are set apart for Christ, they do not make any more continent, but belong to the Lord. - the believers (Éphésiens 1:1): they persevere in the faith, in the Christian communion. They remain firm in the face of the persecution.

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