The paralyzed hand

The paralyzed hand

"There was a man there who had a paralyzed hand [Jesus] told the man: spread your hand. He spread him and she was made healthy as the other one." Matthieu 12:10,13

"All that your hand finds to make, make him(it) according to your power." The Ecclesiastes 9:10

      It is the severe handicap that to have a paralyzed hand! The autonomy is very reduced, and the most harmless action becomes complicated. Several of our readers experiment him on a daily basis. We find in the Gospel the history of a man reached by this infirmity. Yet Jesus asks him to make a thing which was impossible for him: "spread your hand". By obeying immediately, the disabled person gives the proof of his faith. He finds the use of the hand. The supernatural cure is obvious for all.

      Each of us is by nature incapable to make something good for God. It is the symbolic sense of this paralyzed hand. Yet the cure which this man knew in his body, we can know her from today in our soul. For that purpose, it is necessary us to count completely on Lord Jésus. The one who comes to him with faith by recognizing its incapacity and who accepts him as his Rescuer becomes a "new creation" (2 Corinthians 5:17). While it was impossible to him to make no anything to be freed, he is saved from now on by the grace, by means of the faith. He becomes a new man, "created in the Christ Jesus", to carry out "the good works which God prepared in advance" (Éphésiens 2:8-10).

      Our hands formerly useless and unfit of serving, Jesus can transform them into active, devoted and bénéficial hands. Do good, here is what the Word of God encourages us now (Galates 6:10).

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