The path of the wastebasket

"(Jesus said:) the words which I told you are spirit and are life. But there is among you who do not believe." Jean 6:63,64

      Every time Christian friends came in this family, they left an evangelic leaflet. Immediately, this one took the path of the wastebasket. In this house, we did not want a God. But now the person who did the cleaning, intrigued in the view of these intact brochures, began getting back them and reading them. God affected his heart, she received her Word as the truth, and so learnt to know God by Jesus Christ.

      God invites all the men: "Turn to me, and be saved, you, all the ends of the earth" (Ésaïe 45:22), because Christ "died for all" (2 Corinthians 5:14). Some push away the divine invitation, others receive her through the most unexpected situations. And so the world is divided into two categories: those who remain godless and those who believe, those who are still in their sins and those who are freed from it, those who walk on the path which ends in the eternal judgment and those who move forward to the sky.

      The fact that we call back is an encouragement for those who are eager to spread the Gospel. The God who said: "my word will not return to me ineffective" (Ésaïe 55:11) is faithful. To us "to sow" the Word of God from early morning and till evening (the Ecclesiastes 11:6). Our efforts are always very weak, they can often seem useless, but the new life comes from God. Let us trust him so that this alive seed of the Gospel falls on a prepared ground, a germ and a door of the fruit.

      The good seed

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