The silence of Sinai

"Be patient in the tribulation, persevering in the prayer."Romain 12:12

"I waited patiently for the Eternal; and he bent towards me, and heard my shout."Psalm 40:1

      Extraordinary, this story of the Sinai (Exodus 32)! Moses rose on the mountain to receive Words of God. Aaron, his brother, is with the people in the plain, waiting for its return. Forty days of waiting, silence, it is too long for them. That is why Aaron makes a golden calf, just like the Egyptian gods. And he proclaims that this golden calf is their god. Let us party! Propose Aaron. And they amuse … This is when Moses comes down with the tables of the Law, and it is the confusion for these impatient persons.

      What is the lesson for us, Christian friends? If, for a period of test and silence on behalf of God, I look for the delivery according to my plans of thought, rather than to wait for God's help, I shall not know his answers, because these reach us in the patient reading of its Word and in the prayer. I risk then to make my own answers to fill a silence which worries me. But fill this silence by words which are not God's answer solves nothing, on the contrary, it darkens my path.

      Also it is dangerous to want to bring to the others an answer which does not come from God. Often, we should say humbly: " I do not know ". I do not know why you cross such test, such desert. I can encourage you maybe, I can move forward with you, I can pray with you. There are many things which I do not understand, but I am willing to wait with you for the answer which comes from God.

      The good seed

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