The voice of God

The voice of God

"[Jesus] came, and announced the good news of the peace." Éphésiens 2:17

"Come to me; listen to, and your soul will live." Ésaïe 55:3

      - Sir, do you know the Gospel? - that does not interest me … The life is already enough compliquée.-But by the Gospel, it is our Creator who speaks. Who can, better than God, speak about the life? - the religion, that does not interest me … All this is exceeded! - the Bible does not speak about the religion, but about the life. She says that after the grave everything is not finished. It is worth all the same taking some time to know, to open the Gospel to discover what Jesus Christ said and what he proposes: "the eternal life, it is because they know you, you the only real God, and the one that you sent, Jesus Christ" (Jean 17:3).

      He speaks about eternal life, and you say: that does not interest me? Jesus speaks about forgiveness, about peace, about enjoyment, about hope, and it would leave unmoved you?

      The life which Jesus proposes you, it is not only interesting, it is fundamental. Millions of men and women experienced it. Through the words of the Christ, they discerned the voice of God. Among them too some were set against the Gospel, or indifferent. Some people thought: "it is exceeded" or "that does not interest me". And then, one day, they discovered the message of the truth and everything was different. They were called out by God's love, because he loved us until send his Son, Jesus, to the world, so that we lived by him (1 Jean 4:9).

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