This infinite space at the bottom of my heart

This infinite space at the bottom of my heart

"We were, too, formerly, insane, disobedient, misled, enslaved in diverse greeds and sensual delights, living in the wickedness and the jealousy, terrible, hating us each other." Tite 3:3

"The Christ Jesus came in the world to save the sinners." 1 Timothée 1:15

      "Raised in a happy but atheistic family, I was always a turbulent, provocative, fly-away boy. In the death of my grandfather, I was still a child, and I suddenly became aware that the life had the end, and I was very afraid. 11-year-old messenger in a Christian summer camp, I discovered people different from others, who loved me in spite of all my faults. It is with them that I heard, for the first time, of Jesus Christ, who loved me, and especially who had the power to free me from this death which I dreaded so much. I returned several times to these Christian camps. But at the age of 17, I decided to break with all this, and many years crossed, marked by the violence, the forfeiture and even the prison.

      I then realized how much my life was directed by my God's rejection, and how much I had hurt my parents and my sister by my conduct. But I became aware as well as it was for me that Jesus had given his life, and supported so many sufferings. Afterward, God freed me from some drug and from some tobacco. He began in me a work of transformation which continues even today. To apologize to my parents and to my sister became a necessity; and they forgave me, to me who had so much hurt them! I was able to find a work, to have real friends, and to marry me … How much the kindness of God is great!

      My prayer, for you who read these lines, it is that you can, you too, to meet Jesus who gave his life for you and for me."


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