To ask for a sign? (1)

To ask for a sign? (1)

"You who look for God, your heart will live." Psalm 69:32

"I did not speak in secret, in a dark place of the earth; I did not say: Look for me in vain. I am Eternal speaking justice, declaring what is right." Ésaïe 45:19

"If you look for him, he will be found of you." 1 Chronicles 28:9

      “"I did not need a God. The army had learnt me to believe in me, in the power of my will, in my hidden potential. I got out of it very well without him. And nevertheless, I wanted to know if, yes or no, God existed. After all, maybe he really existed.

      I spent a lot of time to think about this problem. One day, as I spoke about it with a friend, she tells me: "why do not you ask to God to give yourself a sign to prove that he exists?" I immediately asked God so that he gives me an obvious sign of his existence. I suggested him(her) waking me at eleven o'clock, while I woke up every day without awakening between seven and eight o'clock. I repeated several times this request but without results(profits). "It is thus that God does not exist", I said myself. But I met a Christian who told me: "God is not going to prove you his existence. He wants that you make a step towards him". I did not agree but these words profoundly called out to me.

      A few days later, only in my room, I opened a New Testament, by asking God: "if you really exist, make that I open this book to the place that you want that I read". I opened the book at random and my eyes fell on these lines: "this generation asks for a sign; and it will not be given to him of sign, if it is not Jonas's sign" (Luc 11:29).

      I was stunned. I understood that I did not have to look of sign. The Word of God was the answer. Now, it belonged to me to make the step, the step of the faith."

      Yossi (to follow)

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