To make the space? (1)

"I applied my heart to look for and to explore by the wisdom all which is made under heavens: it is a thankless activity." The Ecclesiastes 1:13

      "I was born in 1941 of atheistic parents. I thus grew without any religious education. However I asked myself many questions - and my brother with me - on the sense of the life. During our studies, my brother lent me works on the Hinduism and the Buddhism. The life of the Buddha fascinated me, and I wished ardently for this internal liberation which he seemed to have acquired. I read so many esoteric books, I tried to practise the meditation, the alternated breath, the recitation of mantras, in brief a whole mixture of diverse practices. None satisfied me a very long time …

      I got married, we had two children. I had everything to be happy, but I was nevertheless more and more discouraged in my spiritual quest. It was necessary to make the space, but is not the space the opposite of the life, a path of death? Today, I understand why at that time, I thought only of committing suicide. Was not there a link between all these paths towards the space and this death wish which invaded me more and more?

      It is of the bottom of this pit which Jesus Christ came to pull me. For two years, my brother wrote me of Grenoble to say to myself that he had met the Christ further to the testimony of one of his colleagues. For me, I did not want to hear about the Christianity. I despised Jesus. However, little by little, a glimmer of hope was born in me. And if my brother was right? Anyway, I had to lose nothing and, why not, something to gain."

      Christian C. (to follow)

      The good seed

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