What do we possess above?

"What profit will there be for a man if he gains the whole world, but if he makes the loss of his soul?" Matthieu 16:26

"We brought nothing in the world, and it is obvious that we can take nothing." 1 Timothée 6:7

      Retired business manager, he had amassed a big fortune and gladly displayed it. One day, he met one of his former companions of the military service. He invited him for a meal and made him the list of all his possessions. Of his(her,its) terrace, we could even perceive a museum which bore its name. The friend listened to and looked of an absent-minded eye at all that this industrialist showed him. Then, the helping hand(hand stretched) towards the sky, he asked: "and above, my dear, what you possess?"

      It is what the Bible reminds us so often: "somebody may be in the abundance, his life does not depend on its properties" (Luc 12:15). What really matters, it is to be "rich as for God" (v. 21). This wealth does not acquire itself either by the money, or by the work. God gives her free of charge to every person who believes in Jesus Christ, his Son, that he sent of the sky on the earth to save the sinners. That he is poor or rich in tangible assets, every man needs to be enriched in this way. "Who believes in the Son has the eternal life" (Jean 3:36), and his sins are forgiven. It is the only wealth of which the death cannot deprive us.

      Jesus, our wealth,

     Our only real happiness,

     Because in our weakness

     Kept silent we keep, Lord,

     In our hearts the Opponent

     Cannot delight the peace,

     Nor of love of the Father

     To separate us never

      The good seed

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