What do you go to answer?

"Be careful not to refuse the one who speaks, the one who so speaks heavens."Hebrew 12:25

"They received the Word with any willingness."Acts 17:11

      God made the universe and all the things which are there. He gives to all the life and the breath. He made the people with the wealth of their differences to populate the earth. God is interested in each personally, more still than parents to their children.

      However we do not maybe try really to know what are the thoughts of our Creator, nor to ask him for his help for a world stuck in its problems. We prefer to ignore it and to live without him …

      But God the Creator is also the God Rescuer. We were incapable to return to him being separated to us from it by our disobedience; he then sent Jesus on the earth to restore a relation with us. So, by love for us, Jesus Christ gave his life for all those who admit guilty themselves and come to him to be forgiven. He gave his life for all those who accept this offer of grace and love.

      Let us listen to the God of love who speaks to us heavens. He tells us even today: " tilt your ear and come to me; listen to, and your soul will live: and I shall make with you an eternal alliance " (Ésaïe 55:3). Friend reader, it is time, still at this moment, to accept the grace of God, to tell him thank you for any heart for the gift of Jesus Christ, and to confide him from now on your fate. Do you go to make him?

      The good seed

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