What objective for my life?

What objective for my life?

"[The patriarches] died in the faith, without having received what was promised; they recognized that they were foreign and of passage on the earth [They] show clearly that they look for a better homeland, that is a celestial." Hebrew 11:13-16

      At the house, the book in the honor was unmistakably the Bible. Early in the morning, my father closed the door of the cooking and read it for a long time. Then, when the family was gathered for the breakfast, he read us a whole chapter.

      Within the framework of his work, his employer had given to him to read a rather thick book, with a cover in color, of which I did not have been able to read that the title: "the management by objectives".

      By thinking of these two books, and in conformance with the second, I understood that the behavior of the believer and what motivates its life also depend on the objective which it received from God by the faith. The history of the patriarches, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, brought back(reported) in day verses, is an illustration. They saw the objective (or the purpose) final of their life, not a homeland on the earth, but a "better homeland", that is the sky, where God lives. Then their behavior became coherent with their faith:

      - They were considered as "foreigners and of passage on the earth".

      - Witnesses in the world of love of God and his wisdom, they showed clearly that their major concerns exceeded the frame of this life.

      - They remained firm in the faith, without looking behind towards what they had left.

      So, "God is not ashamed of them, to be called their God" (Hebrew 11:6). So the Christian on the earth is as committed on a path drawn by Christ who leads him towards him, in the sky. And it is with happiness that he fixes eyes to Jesus, "the leader of the faith" (Hebrew 12:2).

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