What result?

"The morning, sows your seed, and, in the evening, does not let rest your hand; because you do not know what will make a success, this or it."The Ecclesiastes 11:6

" … An incorruptible seed, the living being and the permanent Word of God."1 Pierre 1:23

      In November, 1989, during the fall of the Berlin Wall, many Soviet soldiers were still in East Germany (GDR). Before their departure for Russia, Christians distributed them New Wills in Russian. It was not easy to penetrate into barracks, and sometimes these distributors of the Word of God were threatened by the officers, the révolver in hand.

      Fifteen years later, a German Christian of Meerane (ex GDR) went in Siberia to encourage the believers of this region. One of them told him how he had found in Jesus Christ his Rescuer.

      " In 1990, I was in Germany as soldier, and to Meerane, we offered me a New Testament. By reading it, I recognized my faults in front of God, and Jesus became my Rescuer. Now, I am happy to speak about the Gospel in all those whom I meet. "

      The Word sowed perseveringly had carried some fruit in more than 1000 km. It is a God who makes her "germinate", who implants the divine life in hearts and who, step by step, multiplies his action. Often, we do not know if the Word of God which was distributed produced results or not. But " let us not let rest our hand ". Let us ask to Jesus, our Teacher, to use to be all eyes day after day to miss no opportunity: a word in a conversation to make testimony of our hope, a leaf in the pocket, ready to be given … Let us sow with the conviction that the Lord has the power to make fruit this seed.

      The good seed

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