Where is your treasure?

Where is your treasure?

"Do not accumulate treasures on the earth but accumulate treasures in the sky; because where is your treasure, there will also be your heart." Matthieu 6:19-21

"Order those who are rich not to put their confidence in the uncertainty of the wealth, but in God." 1 Timothée 6:17

      What has most value for me? In this question I can bring numerous answers:

      - My treasure, it is the properties which I possess, my bank account.

      - My treasure, it is my family, my spouse and my children.

      - My treasure, it is my work, the company which I created and all which relates to it.

      - My treasure, it is my comfort, my tranquillity, my safety, it is all that sends back to me my circle of friends, etc.

      Of the answer which I give to this question depends the orientation of all my life.

      A rich young man runs towards Jesus: his approach is sincere, he has a real desire to have the eternal life, he throws itself on the knees in front of Jesus, whom he recognizes as master. He respected scrupulously the Law since his youth. The Lord who likes him puts the finger on what raises problem: "a thing misses you: go, sell all that you have, give to the poor people, and you will have a treasure in the sky; and come, follow me" (Marc 10:21).

      Jesus speaks to him about a celestial treasure, as if he told him(her): you will lose nothing with me. For what I ask you to break is less important (it concerns only your life on the earth). But what I propose you, it is the eternal life. " God gave us the eternal life, and this life is in his(her) Son. The one who has the Son has the life " (1 Jean 5:11,12). It is a Jesus, the Son of God already in the sky, that is the treasure of the believer.

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