Who died?

"The insane said in its heart: there is no God. They corrupted, they made abominable their actions(shares); there is nobody who does good, not even the only one." Psalm 14:1-3

"Eternal God is the truth, is him(her) the Living God and King of eternity." Jérémie 10:10

      On the walls of a subway station in New York, in the 110th street of Manhattan, somebody had tagged: "God died." Nietzsche.

      This famous quotation is only the short-lived ideology of the German philosopher which developed all its system of thought by denying God.

      But God is the source(spring) of the life and he cannot die. He(it) appears often in the Old Testament as the Eternal, that is the one who has neither beginning nor at the end of life.

      By asserting that God died, Nietzsche did not think of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross; moreover, Christ is resuscitated! But he wanted to eliminate any God's idea. Nevertheless, this death of Jesus is an essential fact, it is the way(means) which allows God to establish an alive relation with each.

      This second assertion is indisputable. Nietzsche died in August, 1900. We find his(her,its) grave to Röcken in Germany. He is not the only one concerned by the death. The Bible declares: "he(it) is reserved for the men(people) to die once, - and after that the judgment(sentence)" (Hebrew 9:27). Which terrible moment for all those who died without God, when they will be in front of the supreme Judge to admit

      A few days later, we could read a new tag below the first one: "Nietzsche died." God.

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