Why these sufferings?

Why these sufferings?

"O God! You will not despise a broken and humbled heart." Psalm 51:17

"You approached in the day when I called upon you; you said: be not afraid." Lamentations of Jérémie 3:57

      The suffering is omnipresent in the world. She seems difficult to reconcile with love and God's kindness. Physical, moral suffering, often without direct relation with a fault, pulling for innocents of the punishments by whom they cannot be made responsible. Does the suffering come to God? Why does not he terminate it?

      The Bible teaches us this: in the garden of Eden, the God had arranged everything so that the man can live a happy life. God created the free man, and the first human couple broke him deliberately by listening to Satan. He turned the back on him. How to return God responsible for who arrives at him? The sin entered the world, and with him the death. Satan then became "the leader of this world" (Jean 12:31).

      God allows that there are wars, diseases, epidemics. They are the consequences of the distraction of the man. They are ways which God uses to stop the men on their path of perdition. He does not want to condemn them, but to save them. God is sovereign, and "it is not gladly that he saddens the sons of the men" (Lamentations of Jérémie 3:33).

      Never let us forget that God loves us. He sent his Son Jesus Christ, who took on him our faults by dying on the cross. God offers us his forgiveness, the safety and the eternal life. "Where the sin abounded, the grace has surabondé" (Romain 5:20). You who are in the distress, you who do not maybe understand why you suffer, turn to God, tell him your punishments with confidence. He wants to attract you to him.

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