"Yes, I soon come"

"Yes, I soon come"

"(Jesus said:) the sky and the earth will pass, but my words will not pass." Luc 21:33

"Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts." Hebrew 3:7

      In the work: "the Christ returns, Messages to the modern man", published in 1978, Norbert Hugedé, professor in the Sorbonne, asserts: "it is necessary to be blind to deny that we reach the end of the history of our world … Whoever makes today it a rule to think about the events comes there to notice that the world arrived at the bottom of a dead end, economically, socially, politically, and even religiously."

      Since 1978, in spite of the prosperity, the progress and the efforts of peace, numerous people envisage the future with an increasing anxiety and say themselves: "what waits for us?"

      An event of global reach is indeed imminent. Jesus Christ is going to return! "The Lord will come down himself from the sky; and the deaths in Christ will resuscitate first of all; then us, the alive who stay, we shall be together deprived with them in thick clouds of the meeting of the Lord, in the air" (1 Thessaloniciens 4:16,17).

      Some people can laugh. "In the last days will come derisive which will be engaged, according to their desires, in the mockery, and will say: where is the promise of its coming?" (2 Pierre 3:3,4). But terrible judgments will sweep down then on the godless inhabitants of the earth.

      In the meantime, God offers his thanks to all. His Son Jesus Christ saves from the judgment all those who believe in him. His work frees them from the condemnation and places them in an eternal safety. When he will come, he will be too late. Today you can be again saved!

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