Yoke liberator

"(Said Jesus:) you all come to me, who you get tired and who be in charge, and I, I shall give you of the rest. Take my yoke on you and teach of me, because I am good-humoured and humble of heart; and you will find the rest of your souls." Matthieu 11:28, 29

      Isabelle, widow for the second time, was very sad to find comfort with the loss of her husband. She saw no reason for continuing to live. She took one day her grandson by car to the park. Having attached the child on her small seat, she settled down in the steering wheel and was going to start, neglecting to put her seat belt. The little boy exclaimed: - grandma, you are not attached! She answered sadly: - ah, Luc, my security is not important. I would better like very much going to the sky where is grandpa.

      He is interesting to place these words of Jesus in their context. The people of Israel bent under the burden of the Law and the traditions imposed by the religious drivers (Exodus 20-23; Matthieu 23: 4). Nobody could find the delivery, the rest of the soul. But Jesus offered him to all: " come to me ". There is no rest without him; the man gets tired in vain " under the sun " (the Ecclesiastes 2:22). Jesus came to give this rest of the consciousness and the heart to all those who are tourmented under a yoke of servitude. Weight of our sins, our enemy nature of God, a world which enslaves us and whose Satan is the prince.

      Suddenly Isabelle became aware that her life was not meaningless. By means of this child, God gave him a new reason for living, for being useful, he showed him a service to be carried out for him.

      By his death on the cross, Christ obtained for us a complete liberation of all which made us slaves. " Christ placed us in the freedom by freeing us " (Galates 5:1). To the one who comes to him, Jesus removes this overwhelming burden and he offers his yoke liberator. This yoke, that is he thus? The one that Jesus, the perfect man, took on him, in a total submission in the will of his Father, in a patient obedience through the tests of the way, with the sweetness and the humility of the perfect servant.

      Christ helps those who are defeated and feel comfortable under such a yoke. He carries with them fatigue and load. Happy those who find every day the rest under its beneficial yoke!

      Happy those who received the rest of the soul, acquired for ever by Jesus their Rescuer!

      The good seed

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