You belong to me


"You were acquired by the Christ's precious blood." 1 Pierre 1:18,19

"Do not you know that your bodies are members of Christ? What you are not in yourselves? Because you were bought from price! Thus glorify God in your body." 1 Corinthians 6:15,20

      Benoît is Christian for some time. He is saved and he lives in peace. Of an independent character, he likes making his business and organizing his life in his idea, without asking for the opinion of anybody.

      But an evening, an expression of the Bible strikes him: "you do not belong to yourselves you were bought from price".

      Dreamer, Benoît looks at the pen which he holds the hand. This pen, he bought him. He thus belongs to him and he has it.

      This expression "bought from price" takes suddenly all its sense for the young man: Jesus bought him, he paid a price, and which price! His invaluable blood, thus its own life! The conclusion is imperative: Benoît does not belong any more, it became the property of Jesus. From now on, he is going to become aware that Jesus has rights on his life and on all the details of his existence. He gets used to asking him his opinion every opportunity. It is not a painful constraint. Did not Jesus demonstrate his love by making of Benoît his acquired, did not pay to the prize of his life given onto the cross?

      You are happy to be saved, kept silent have the eternal life. Today you belong to Jesus: listen to his voice in any event, the girls as the big. Am the directives of this Master in a difficult world where it is necessary to live against the current. And do not forget that nothing can separate us from him.

      A small brochure "to Live against the current" will be sent free of charge to those who will make it the demand for the publisher:

      The good seed


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