You said: doctrine?

You said: doctrine?

"Jesus answered them: my doctrine is not of me, but the one who sent to me. If somebody wants to make the will of the one who sent to me, he will know, about this doctrine, if she comes from God, or if I speak due to myself." Jean 7:16,17

      Doctrine! The word has bad press, even at the Christians. Source of division for some, danger of sectarianism for the others … Maybe it comes from the fact that the doctrine can very easily become an inflexible ideology when it is cut by his source, by very God.

      But what the Christian doctrine? It is the education of the thoughts of God. By reading the Bible, we discover how the Living God acts kindly to free us, to save us. His words give the sense of its acts. Jesus acted himself and taught (Acts 1:1). He spoke about his doctrine (Jean 7:16,17). Resuscitated, he asked to his apostles to communicate his education with all the nations (Matthieu 28:20).

      The biblical doctrine is not thus an ideology, it is a revelation. The first Christians "persevered in the doctrine of the apostles" (Acts 2:42). We are encouraged to be attached to the real doctrine (Tite 1:9) and not to rule out us of the doctrine of the Christ (2 Jean 9).

      Certainly, we are not saved by the knowledge as such, but by the faith to the only Rescuer Jesus Christ. However it is through that the Bible teaches that we understand God's plan for us. The doctrine is thus given to us to create and increase our faith, to help us to love God of all our thought, and to live on a way which pleases him.

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