A night crossed to read

A night crossed to read

"I made you my sin known." Psalm 32:5

"The Son of the man (Jesus) has the power on the earth to forgive the sins." Matthieu 9:6

      "Keep her, your old Bible. I do not need it, I am my own god!"

      So were welcomed two prison visitors who had just offered a New Testament to a prisoner named José. When they return one week later, here is José who runs up and tightens them arms by exclaiming: "now, you can call me a brother!"

      He(It) gives some explanation: "I refused the New Testament which you wanted to give me, but my prisoner accepted him. Of return in our cell, he asked me to read him aloud what was written in this small book. In fact, himself did not know how to read. That bothered(bored) me strangely, but I made him(it) all the same, not daring to refuse him this service. After a while, by raising eyes, I noticed that my listener had fallen asleep … I cannot explain to you why, but I continued my reading all night long!

      God spoke to my heart and also to my consciousness. I understood that I had to tell him without hiding anything that had been my criminal's life. What gave me the strength, it is this kindness of the Christ presents to all the pages of the Gospel, which said: "the one who comes to me, I will not put outside him" (Jean 6:37). What a forgiveness and what a peace invaded me when Jesus Christ became my Rescuer and my Lord!"

      José now went out of prison; but he is especially really released from the weight of his past. It is the committed believer, who serves the Lord with other Christians in Argentina.

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