A packaging for some tobacco

A packaging for some tobacco

"O depth of the wealth and the wisdom and the knowledge of God! That his judgments are fathomless and his imperceptible ways!" Romain 11:33

"My word will carry out what I sent her." Ésaïe 55:11

      Of the prison of G., reaches us the following testimony:

      "God's ways are really mysterious. Listen to my history:

      My companion of cell, being lacking one day of tobacco, asked for it the nearby cell. The tobacco arrived, wrapped in a leaf of your calendar. Two verses of the Bible on one side, a small narrative lived on the other one, finally your address. It upset me. My neighbor of cell did not understand there much, no more moreover than the one who had supplied us the tobacco, and who, him, did not know how to either read or write. But, in every repair of tobacco, a new leaf reached us, that I asked to my friend of not to throw not especially, because it was very important for me.

      A beautiful day, my companion of cell was freed, and our supplier of tobacco asked if he could take his place. It was granted to him, and he arrived in my cell with his calendar which we attached to a bar. I was then able to explain to my new companion the importance which had the Bible, and he asked me to read him and to explain him the text of every day. We are both North Africans, him Muslim and I son of Algerian soldier, Christian culture.

      My life in prison is sometimes a nightmare, but my hope is in God and in Jesus Christ my Rescuer. Pray for me."

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