A relation with Jesus

A relation with Jesus

"Well, I am held in the door and I strike: if somebody hears my voice and what he opens the door, I shall enter at his home and I shall have supper with him, and him with me." Apocalypse 3:20

"(Said Jesus:) I am with you every day, until the completion of the century." Matthieu 28:20

      "My name is Farouk and I am Iraqi. University graduate in geology in 1970, I worked, I had all that I needed, but I did not know the peace in me, nevertheless I went to the church, and I possessed a Bible. "It is not enough", once tells me my father whom I found happy and peaceful. He was, he said, in connection with Jesus. One day, a person is come to my place. I spoke to him(her) about my peace lack. "You need Jesus", she answered me. Then she helped me to ask: "forgiveness Jesus, I open you my heart, come in my heart, forgiveness for my sins. I accept you as my Rescuer, my King". From this moment, the fear disappeared and it never returned. Since then, Jesus speaks to me by the Bible and I listen to him (Jean 10:27).

      In the 80s it was the war between Iraq and Iran. Lord Jésus then made me understand that I had to leave my employment to be completely for its service. I answered: "Lord, I have no training, and how I am going to live?" The Lord then reminded me the history of Moses and people whom God led by the desert, because his kindness lives in always (Psalm 136:16). I understood that I did not have to be afraid, that God would take care of me. With his help, I teach the faith, God's unconditional love expressed in the cross by Jesus, died for sinners as I, and as each of us. I announce that it is necessary to us to have each a personal relation with Jesus Christ, the Rescuer."

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