A single door

A single door

"Fight for entering by the narrow door." Luc 13:24

"Because narrow is the door which lives in the life." Matthieu 7:14

"(Said Jesus:) I, I am the door: if somebody enters by me, he will be saved." Jean 10:9

      To put his education within the reach of all, Jesus illustrated him gladly by examples pulled by the daily life, or by objects of current usage: the lamp, the salt, the path, the grain of wheat, the bread, a coin …

      Our Lord is designated himself as being the door, the one who opens towards the eternal life. To reach it it is inevitably necessary to pass by him. This door is narrow with regard to the wide path which leads to the perdition. Few people commit to it, but she lives in the life. As long as she remains open, the divine grace is offered to all those who want to cross her humbly. However, time is short, soon she will be closed, and nobody can open him.

      Jesus wants to free us from the sin, and "the door" also represents a way to escape, to protect itself, a protection. Christ is, for the believer, at the same time the access to the Father and his protection against the evil.

      Jesus declares: "I am the door", the only way to find the peace, to take out the most desperate situations. A solution to the difficulties which seem to us insuperable, in the dangers which watch for us, in the sins which hinder us.

      We often struggle in our not resolute personal problems. Nevertheless, at the end of all these dead ends, there is an outcome if we bring in Jesus. It is the big answer to find the delivery in all our personal, conjugal, family and social problems. Only he can and wants to help us.

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