A wallet

A wallet

"(God said) so will be my word which goes out of my mouth: she will not return to me ineffective, but will make what is my pleasure, and will carry out what I sent her." Ésaïe 55:11

      On the occasion of a meeting, various Christians testified of what the Christ had made in their lives. One of them tells:

      "I was a skillful pickpocket, and all my friends knew him. One day, a man walked in front of me, and I noticed that the pocket of its pants seemed filled well. Bargain, here is a very thick wallet! In next to no time he was in my pocket. Gone back home, the horror! The wallet was only a book. A New Testament, in more! Furious, I threw him in a corner. Later, by tidying up, I fell there above. Curious, I began to read it. Every day he interested me more, and it is by this New Testament that I learnt to know my Rescuer, Jesus Christ."

      God uses very surprising ways! But he shows his condolence and his grace there. He highlights the power which possesses his Word in lives taken away well from him.

      If we gathered all the narratives of these unusual conversions, we would obtain real novels of adventure. Such incident and such radical change could seem exaggerated in a rational spirit. But the one who experienced knows well what he lived!

      "As you do not know which is the path of the spirit so you do not know God's work which makes everything" (the Ecclesiastes 11:5).

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